48V 5A E-Motorcycle Battery Charger

48V 5A E-Motorcycle Battery Charger

Model No.︰VL4805E

Brand Name︰DANL

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

48V 5A AGM Fully Automatic And Intelligent 4 Steps Charger For E - Scooters / Motorcycles


Brief Description:


Sealed lead acid battery charger 48 volts 5 amps, input with worldwide 110 to 230Vac and rated output voltatge is 48V 5A. Smart max charging voltage is 57.6 / 58.8V for SLA type batteries or AGM batteries. Intelligent 4 steps charging with pre-charge, CC, CV and floating steps, this charger will charge your battery powered electric vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles and scooters) very fast and safe (automatic lockout when charging), with high efficiency and pretect your battery life maximumly. High quality, factory price and 2 years warranty.



1) Optional charging methods: Lithium or AGM batteries.

2) Advanced high frequency switching mode power supply technology.

3) DC output isolated from AC input.

4) Automatic worldwide Input 110/230Vac(90~264Vac), 50Hz~60Hz.

5) Charging parameters are insensitive to the AC input line voltage variations.

6) Completely automatic 4 steps charge: pre-charge, CC, CV, floating/trickle or shut-off.

7) Protections: Short circuit, Over - voltage, Over - temperature, Reverse Polarity.

8) Aluminum casing, light weight, portable.

9) 100% full load burn-in test.

10) 2 years warranty.

Size: 170×90×63mm
Net Weight: 1.3kg

1) AC110V or 230Vac
2) AC110~230Vac with PFC

1) AC110V or 230Vac: 12V8A, 24V5A, 36V4A, 48V3A
2) AC110~230Vac with PFC: 12V8A, 24V5A, 36V4A, 48V3A

Charging curve for SLA, AGM or Silicon battery type (5 steps):
1) Pre-charging step,
2) CC charging step (constant current),
3) CV charging step (constant voltage),
4) Float charging step,
5) Pulse charging step (charger will on for 1 minute and off for 9 minutes continuously).

Charging curve for Lithium battery type (3 steps with cut-off): 
1) Pre-charging step,
2) CC charging step (constant current),
3) CV charging step (constant voltage),
4) Automatically cut-off.

Note: Possibility to customize charging curve for request. 

Link: www.danlelectric.com 
Email: info@danlelectric.com


Payment Terms︰ TT,PAYPAL

Packing︰ CARTON

Lead Time︰ 7-10 DAYS

Key Words︰ 48V 5A E-Motorcycle Battery Charger

Max Output Power︰ 360W

Input Voltage︰ 110 - 230Vac

Output Voltage & Current︰ 57.6 / 58.4 / 58.8 volt 5 amps

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