How to pick a Charger?

Battery just like a human body, we should take care of it and then it’s active and live a long life!

How to pick a battery charger?
How to pick a battery charger for your Battery Pack?
Simply, there are 3-step to know what the output of the charger you need for your Battery Pack.
Step 1
Determine what type of battery or batteries you will be charging. We here just simply discuss 2 types of the battery: Sealed Lead Acid and LiFePO4.
Step 2
After determine what type of the battery you have, then you need to know two things, one is the voltage of the battery pack and the other is the capacity of the battery pack. For example, your battery pack has nominal 24V voltage and 60Ah capacity (2*12V 60Ah battery or 8 cells 60Ah battery in series).
Step 3
Now you know the Voltage and Capacity of your battey pack, then we need to know the next two things before pick a charger, one is the charging voltage(max) and the other is charging current(max).

How to calculate charging voltage(max) and charging current(max)?
Let take a nominal 24V 60Ah sealed lead acid and LiFePO4 battery pack for example:
24V 60Ah Lead Acid Battery Pack
Charging voltage(max) is 14.7V*2=29.4V
Charging current(max) is 60Ah/8h=7.5A
So a 24V 7.5A or around 8A charger will satisfy your requirement. This charger with max charging voltage 29.4V and max charging current 7.5Amps.
14.7V is the max charging voltage for a single 12V sealed Lead Acid battery and 8h is the charging time you may require.

24V(8 cells) 60Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Charging voltage(max) is 3.65V*8=29.2V
Charging current(max) is 60Ah/3h=20A
So a 24V 20A charger will satisfy your requirement. This charger with max charging voltage 29.2V and max charging current 20Amps.
3.65V per cell is the max charging voltage of LiFePO4 battery, it’s may different from different battery manufacturers, they may have 3.7V or 4.2V per cell for max charging voltage. LiFePO4 battery is able to have high charging rate, so it needs the charger have high output current and often the charging time is around 3h.

In order to choose a right charger, besides the output voltage and current of the charger, we also need to know couple of things below:
1. AC input voltage (e.g. single 110Vac and 230Vac, universal 110/230Vac etc.)
2. Type of AC power cord (e.g. US style, Australia style, Euro syle etc.)
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3. Type of output connector (e.g. clamps, 3-pin XLR etc. )
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