New 5 Steps Smart Battery Chargers Are Launched

New 5 Steps Smart Battery Chargers Are Launched

We are delighted to launch a full product line of our New 5 Steps Smart Battery Chargers. These chargers are Fully Microprocessor Controlled and communicate with batteries automatically. They can charge and protect your batteries to maximum.

◆ Advanced high frequency switching mode power supply technology.
◆ MCU controlled (Fully Microprocessor Controlled) charging technologies.
◆ 5 steps charging (or customized according to your battery type).
◆ DC output isolated from AC input.
◆ With charging voltage and current digital display.
◆ LED indicator (3-color): Green-fully charged or no connected, Blue flash-charging, Red-under protection.
◆ Protections: Short-circuit, over-voltage, over-temperature, reverse-polarity protections.
◆ Efficiency≥90%.
◆ PFC (Power Factor Correction): ≥0.98
◆ Forced ventilation with fans.
◆ 100% full load burn-in test.
◆ Aluminum housing, light weight, portable.

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R&D Dept. of Danl Industrial

December 7, 2012